Isle of Arran

Just spent a week on Arran based on a campsite at the south of the island with wonderful views over the sea.

We sailed from Ardrossan to Brodick.Which took about an hour and was a very smooth crossing.We crossed aboard the Caledonian Isles.

Ardrossan to Brodick

From Brodick we drove down the east coast to Kildonan and setup camp at Seal Shore Camp site.Not a bad little site with great sea views and situated right on the shore line.The only down side to the site was the horrible smell on the beach when the tide turned. It was a really powerful chemical smell, oh and the midges, millions of the little bastards and they all headed directly to me.It doesn’t matter where we go i come back covered in bites.I even managed to get some metal detecting in but alas found a bag full of crap. not even a 1p piece.



Over the next few days we travelled all around the island. on the second day  visiting Whiting Bay, Lamlash Bay, Brodick,Corrie and Sannox. It never ceases to amaze me how little value some people have for their environment. We saw dog shit all over the place, one walker had even cleaned up after his dog and then hung the bag on a gate post. We sat in a layby just outside Sannox and a local old folks home minibus was parked opposite taking some of the residents out for the day. The carer then threw an orange carton, biscuit wrappers and hand towels onto the grass verge just before they drove off. No doubt visitors would get the blame.






Day 3 and we headed up the west coast through Sliddery and Corriecravie and stopping on Machrie Moor to look at the Standing Stone Circles. A nice little walk so we thought bearing in mind we didn’t take a coat and had shoes which offered as much protection as a pair of socks. Anyway after about a mile we came across some small stones






and we thought, not as impressive as we had hoped then saw another sign


now a scottish kilometre in no way resembles any i’ve walked anywhere else in the world, so off we stumbled all the time passing seasoned walkers coming the other way looking smug at our walking apparel and the skies are getting darker and darker. But undeterred we crest another hill looking for the stone circle…….nope. keep going



and then finally we see them in the distance.







by now its starting to Drizzle so we decide to head back to the van before we get wetter than we already are. Finally getting back to the van as the heavens open up so we sit and have a cup of tea thinking about all the other tourists we passed on the way back with dodgy footwear and no coats thinking the standing stones were just over the next hill. 🙂 Arran is a place for walkers not fat blokes in slippers.Image82





Lochranza Castle







Beautiful views overlooking Kintyre

Making it to Lochranza we decided to return over the top and go down the east coast back to the campsite.Just outside whiting Bay the unthinkable happens. A warning light starts flashing on the dash of the van. Shit, no phone signal, just happened to forget to write down recovery details so limp back to the campsite and start contacting Green Flag. Luckily they knew all our details and within a couple of hours a breakdown truck was with us and found that the fan belt had lost some teeth and decided to have a rest in the belly pan of the van. A replacement was summoned which would arrive by ferry the next day and was fitted by the garage the next afternoon. The bill for all of this was a staggering £12.50. I was amazed and really quite pleased having had visions of £150 running through my head.


On the 4th day a Sea Otter made an appearance and posed for the camera for a while,just a shame the light was going so the pictures were a bit grainy

Sea Otter

After a couple of more days visiting little villages we headed back to the mainland after an enjoyable visit where we saw seals , sea otters and red squirrels and some beautiful scenery. We then spent a couple of nights in Ayr and a couple of nights in Kielder Forest where I was hoping to photograph some dark skies. It was the perfect few days because there was no moon but unfortunately there was no sky either, just a thick blanket of cloud and to top that MIDGES… more ferocious than their scottish cousins. So we cut our losses and came home  a couple of days early to recover……………………

2 thoughts on “Isle of Arran

  1. Hey Al
    Love the travel blog wish I was doing this. Real legacy rather than just a bunch of photos, good photos – nice one. Friends of mine live in Seamill opposite Arran on the mainland you can see the island from the dining room window. They will be interested in this too especially the littering part. Keep it up mate

    • Thanks for that Steve, it’s nice to know someone actually read it 😉

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