The Falklands – There and back again.

It was 1982, I was a 21 year old sailor looking forward to many runs ashore in and around the Gulf. We didn’t make it that far. Gibraltar was as far as we got before we were ordered down south. The rest is history now but I’ve wanted to visit the Islands ever since, as I never managed to get ashore in 1982.


HMS Yarmouth F101 “The Crazy Y”

So after much organising and waiting Graham “Ginge” Daniels, Davey Higgs and myself will visit for 5 days flying out from Brize Norton to Stanley via The Ascension Islands.Special mentions must go to Karen Cole who is the Operations Manager for the Falklands Veterans Foundation and has helped us immensely.Also got to thank my Boss, James Butteriss  for letting me have my weeks holiday early and Julie for letting me go in the first place.

I’m hoping to update the blog on a daily basis from wednesday 16th November depending on wifi availability.

Below are some of the photographs associated with our time down there in 82. Many of them taken by my shipmates, some of my own and clips from some of the papers at the time.

Falklands 1982
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  1. Good Luck Alan, very emotional days ahead for you. I had the privelage of having you as a neighbour for many years and will always consider you and your family great friends. As an individual I consider myself very fortunate not to of seen such things and eternally thankful for all veterans of conflicts and I for one will always remember them.

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