RSPB Old Moor

Well I managed to get a couple of hours in with the new lens and i’ve found out two things. Firstly, it’s heavier than I thought it was going to be and secondly, my technique for following birds in flight leaves a great deal to be desired. Really pleased with the lens though.I ended up taking about 250 shots in high speed bursts to try and catch the birds but half the frames just had trees in  or blurred birds.DSCF1895 (Copy)This was one of the better ones but still not as good as i’d like. It was difficult to pan because I was sat in one of the hides with a few other photographers and I could well have had someone’s eye out swinging the lens about.


DSCF1953 (Copy)

I managed to get a couple of closeups with my 18-135 lens as well. The caterpillar is an odd one, not seen one like this before so answers on a postcard please.Also got a small grasshopper sat on a leaf.DSCF2014 (Copy)

Update…..Puss Moth Caterpillar  (Cerura vinula)

DSCF2032 (Copy)

It wasn’t a bad couple of hours but more practice needed.


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